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If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

~ Dalai Lama


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The Earthchild blog is a combination of news, spotlights of the inspiring people we interact with every day, tips and advice for holistic living. We always welcome guest bloggers - please feel free to contact us if you have valuable information to share with the community?

Earthchild Hero: Liyathando (aka Brenda)


Liyathando (also known as Brenda) is an Earthchild who is part of our programme at Ntwasahlobo Primary School. She's a leader who exploring the world with courage and composure. Leave your thoughts and response for Brenda below, we will make sure to share them with her... Q. What inspires you? Adventure and exploring

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Guest Blog Post: Volunteer, Ellie Kraus

Earthchild volunteer Ellie Kraus

Last September, I moved to Cape Town and soon afterward began working and practicing at The Shala Yoga Studio. Although I had always been interested in yoga, it was here that I engendered a relationship with it, as my practice reached new heights and began to lead me down a

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Sharing the Love with Staff at Earthchild Clothing


Recently our Earthchildren from Khayelitsha teamed up with staff at Earthchild Clothing to Share the Love of Yoga by upcycling some of old yoga mats donated to project over the years. The mats were transformed from “a little worn out” to beautiful and rejuvenated spaces for inspiration… which is really

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Now I know how to be healthy, to care for myself, my friends and the earth.” – Sisonke Sifo, age 9