ECP Eco Explorers – Sharing our love for the earth in honour of Earth Day.

In honour of Earth Day tomorrow (Thursday 22 April 2021) we wanted to show our followers how we encourage a deep love for, and connection to the earth by sharing a little more about the Earthchild Project Eco Explorer and Hiking Clubs.

What’s special about taking our Earthchildren into nature and into the mountains, forests and beaches of Cape Town, is that we are able to provide a space for them to leave their communities, explore their own natural environment, connect with nature, and connect with themselves. Our facilitators teach them about local fauna and flora, as well as environmental challenges such as alien vegetation and pollution and the role that they can play in combating these growing issues. The eco-adventures are also used as a platform to empower the youth with life skills such as  team work, leadership and communication. At the same time, we combine our explorations with meditation and mindfulness activities that allow our Earthchildren to connect more deeply.

Hear from the mouths of our Eco Explorers what it is that they love the most about being out in nature and exploring with the ECP Eco Explorers Club;
“It makes me happy and it makes me peaceful.”
“It makes me close to nature.”
“We get to know other people and love each other.”
“I have always seen the mountain from my back yard and always wished I could climb it one day. Today was my first time walking on Table Mountain and it was a dream come true.

Through our Eco Explorations and our hikes, we aim to inspire and grow future environmental leaders who become changemakers and advocates for protecting mother earth!  

This video was filmed in Cape Town in 2017 in partnership with @earthdancect.

Claumi – Youth on the rise with our Alumni Programme

Claumi is 19 years old and lives in Retreat, Cape Town,  with her parents and her siblings. She has been with ECP for 9 years and is one of the proud graduates of our Alumni Programme which focuses on nurturing the leadership potential of a select group of our primary school graduates throughout their high school years.

When she was just ten years old, Claumi joined the ECP Programmes starting with yoga, worm farming, hiking and holiday programmes before moving into the Alumni Programme, where one of her highlights was the eight day Alumni Camp. 

“My experience in the first Earthchild camp was so amazing. It was one of, actually, the best experiences I have ever experienced.” It was a place where she was taught to start conversations and interact with people from other sectors which really helped her to overcome her shyness and build confidence. She says how the activities from the camp helped her to grow her self-esteem, and she still uses the practices of journaling and positive affirmations like “I am beautiful. I am amazing” at home, daily. 

Through the Alumni Programme she experienced deep personal transformation through practical opportunities that allowed her to build her leadership skills. One such skill that she is proud of is that she has learnt how to voice her opinion, while her most valuable skill that she has learned through ECP is the ability to be positive. She says that nurturing a positive mindset is what helped her through high school when friends were sometimes struggling.

Through the Alumni Programme, Claumi made friends who were experiencing similar life challenges to her. They were able to speak about their problems and help one another to problem solve. The ECP facilitators have been meaningful positive role models in her life – offering support, advice, and someone to turn to when it is tough to speak about problems at home. It is through our Alumni Programme that we are nurturing young leaders like Claumi, and are working together to grow future leaders who spread a vision for holistic living.



‘My story during Lockdown’ by Jadene van Neel

The 1st January 2020 was a day of excitement, happiness and full of new year’s resolutions…and now we are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic. I never imagined that I would be living in a time that would bring the world to a complete lockdown. This is part of our history, it is part of what will not just influence my world experiences, but will shape the world experiences of so many children, youth and grown ups. We are going through this now not knowing what the new world will be like when this pandemic passes. While most of South Africa is in lockdown, people in my street and in my community are going about their daily lives. Everything is normal over here. Nothing has changed. 

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22 June 2019 was the fourth annual International Day of Yoga event held in Cape Town, and it was a wonderful success! And so it is a good time for us to honour our fifth Earthchild Project Yoga Ambassador – Joëlle Sleebos.

Joëlle’s passion for health and well-being started 17 years as a group fitness instructor and now calls herself Yogi, Traveler, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur and Project Manager.

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Earthchild Project and Urban Harvest organic garden harvest day

The 29th May 2019 was truly a special day as Earthchild Project, Urban Harvest, Christopher – our Garden Champion, as well as our Levana Primary EcoWarriors brought their green fingers to school and got their hands and faces dirty (from eating the freshly harvested beetroot) during the first big harvest from the Food Garden/outdoor classroom at Levana Primary School.

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Changing the script for climate change

On 15 March 2019, at least 1.6 million school children across all 7 continents, in more than 125 countries and in over 2000 places, took a stand against climate change, brought to the forefront by Greta Thunberg with the #FridaysforFuture  campaign. #FFF is a movement following the call from Greta to rally school strikes in order to protest against the lack of action on the worlds current climate crisis. Why are school kids striking, you may ask? With the worsening Climate Destruction, the goal of going to school begins to be pointless. Greta Thunberg asks;
– Why study for a future, which may not be there?
– Why spend a lot of effort to become educated, when our governments are not listening to the educated?

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Earthchild Project’s 4th annual Teachers Wellness Convention – a volunteer’s perspective.

On Saturday 2 March 2019, we hosted our fourth annual Teachers Wellness Convention. This event offered 200 school teachers from under-resourced communities in Cape Town an opportunity to learn from leading experts in the Wellness sector. It was a day to celebrate, and empower teachers-  with the knowledge and tools to better manage their stress and improve their health and overall well-being.We asked Pam Hoffman,  one of the many valued volunteers who assisted tirelessly with the event, to give us her vision of what the day involved;

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Cederberg hike under the stars

At the beginning of December last year, three magical days were spent in the Cederberg with 15 dedicated earthchildren and The Cape Leopard Trust for the Earthchild Project Hiking Club camp. There may have been rain and the odd challenging moment, but that didn’t dampen the spirit of our dedicated hikers who spent their last night sleeping a-top a cave under a billion stars.

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A celebration of the ECP Yoga Ambassadors

Last week Wednesday was a morning of honouring our local yoga ambassadors who have each supported Earthchild Project in a unique and generous way. It was a great time to show our appreciation to our ambassadors and to highlight the value of Seva in our yoga journeys. “Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. In ancient India seva was believed to help one’s spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community. Without a doubt a true description of the work that our ambassadors do for ECP.

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Worm tea – a key ingredient in our organic gardening

Have you ever heard of worm tea? It doesn’t sound great, does it? Thing is, it is amazing! It’s often misunderstood what worm tea actually is. It is not the leachate (water that has percolated through a solid and leached out some of the constituents) which gathers in the bottom bin of the worm farm.  This shouldn’t be used on your vegetables as it may contain pathogens and the PH  may be high, plus studies have shown that it has low nutritional value (so your plants will not thrive on it). Worm tea, however, is the key ingredients to your vegetables and plants thriving!

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Young Leaders honouring our teachers this Mandela Day

This year, Earthchild Project took a different spin on Mandela Day, 18 July 2018. While there were many organisations and individuals who supported us through donating money or giving time in support of Earthchild Project, our facilitators, junior staff and Young Leaders chose to give back in a creative way, where it really matters! And so, they created The Pamper Your Teacher Day for all of our four schools in Khayelitsha – a special day just to honour our unsung heroes who devote so much time and energy to nurturing our earthchildren.

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Earthchild Project Ambassador – Tamsin Sheehy

Tamsin Sheehy is the fourth Ambassador who we are honoured to invite to our ECP Ambassador Programme. Tamsin opened her own yoga studio, The Shala, in 2007 in Cape Town. We first met Tamsin in 2008 when we were lucky enough to have offices just below her studio, and since then Tamsin, her husaband Tom and the whole Shala team have become integral member of the extended Earthchild Family! Tamsin has a special interest in the role of yoga as a practice of healing and repair on all levels of Being. The art of Lymphology and Digestion are key focus points for her workshops and courses. From offering free yoga and teacher trainings to our team and organising weekly donation classes and big once off events, Tamsin has supported Earthchild Project in many many different ways over the years.

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International Day of Yoga 2018

The word yoga means union, or yolking together, and this is wholly what International Day of Yoga Cape Town 2018 was about. If you weren’t at CTICC on 16 June, then you missed out on feeling some radical magic! Over 800 people from all walks of life came together in celebrating the gift of yoga and saying “namaste” in a beautiful gathering of like minded people.

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The synergy between mindfulness and medicine – words from an Earthchild Project volunteer

Naomi Heller is a volunteer with Earthchild Project. She is a doctor by profession, working in paediatrics with an interest in paediatric palliative medicine (this is an area of medicine focusing on children and families of children coping with life limiting and life threatening disease). Her long term aim is to incorporate yoga into this area of healthcare and work with children, siblings and families managing medical symptoms, grief and emotional trauma.

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