Holiday Programmes!

Holidays! Most children love them, but if you live in an under-developed area there is not much to during this period. During the past two weeks, Earthchild  has been running 2  holiday programmes in which children from grade 7 can develop their leadership skills.   

Every morning the programmes starts with an hour of yoga, and there are lots of songs and games involved. Because the theme is leadership, there is also a good amount of time for personal development.

This holiday program we had Amy Silverman as a guest facilitator coming from the United States to give a work shop about Authentic Relating  This methods teaches  participants relating skills to understand one another on a deeper level
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yoga and meditation for kidsConnect

We teach children to connect to self, each other and the earth through yoga and life skills.

organic gardening worm-farming for kidsCultivate

We teach children to cultivate practical skills for life through gardening and worm farming.

hiking with kidsInspire

We're inspiring a new generation of young leaders through hikes and holiday programmes.


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