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Earthchild Project and Urban Harvest organic garden harvest day

The 29th May 2019 was truly a special day as Earthchild Project, Urban Harvest, Christopher – our Garden Champion, as well as our Levana Primary EcoWarriors brought their green fingers to school and got their hands and faces dirty (from eating the freshly harvested beetroot) during the first big harvest from the Food Garden/outdoor classroom at Levana Primary School.

A little over a month ago, in partnership with Urban Harvest and The Real Thing, the first seeds and seedlings were planted at Levana Primary School in Lavender Hill. The garden space was designed in such a way that the centre of the garden can be used as an outdoor classroom that can accommodate about 20 learners.

The space not only allows vegetables and herbs to grow, but also for the learners to grow through the Earthchild Project after school EcoWarriors programme, where the students learn about organic gardening and other important environmental issues, such as climate change.

Through the funding of The Real Thing, Urban Harvest in partnership with Earthchild Project have not only built the garden at the school, but we have also appointed a local community member as the Garden Champion to take care of and maintain the garden on a daily basis. With regular check-ins and support from Urban Harvest and Earthchild Project, Christopher our garden champion has truly been doing an amazing job.

With his watchful eye and his green fingers, the first harvest produced an abundance of beetroot, turnips, spinach and lettuce all of which go to the school’s feeding scheme which feeds about 600 children daily. With the excess produce, the school plans to cooked healthy soup and distribute it to the broader community.

The garden has been a truly inspirational space with teachers, staff, learners and visitors visiting and enjoying the garden on a daily basis.

If you are keen to visit and help with our next harvest which will take place in 2 weeks, feel free to reach out and come get your hands dirty.


Written by Etienne Basson – Earthchild Project Environmental Facilitator

To learn more about Urban Harvest’s food gardens, courses and coaching CSI Projects and other services they offer, head over to

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