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In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we are highlighting 10 remarkable Earthchildren from the past and present. Our Earthchild Spotlight number nine is Beyonce Swartz who is 12 years old at Hillwood Primary School in Lavendar Hill. When our Lavender Hill facilitator, Linci, brought Beyonce to be interviewed, she couldn’t believe how shy and quiet the normally bubbly girl had become. But once the recorder was turned off and the camera came out, Beyonce transformed into someone that enjoys the spotlight as much as her namesake!

2016oct_amanda-norrlander-1-3What is the role of Earthchild Project in your life?  I do yoga with Earthchild Project which makes me feel good and it gives me more energy.

How has Earthchild Project affected who you are today? It’s taken me away from danger. And it’s taught me to do the right thing. It’s helped me to listen to my mom and to say the right things to other people.  I say things that make them feel good. And it shows me to value my friends.

What is your favorite yoga pose? Breathing is my favourite part of yoga. It opens your brain.

Have you passed on what you have learnt through Earthchild Project to your friends and family? I teach my mom yoga.

What do you enjoy best about Earthchild Project? I enjoy learning to use my senses. And how it makes me keep my body clean and eat the right things like fruit and vegetables.

How do you want to use what you have learnt from Earthchild Project in the future? I also want to teach people how to use yoga.


It is quite something to understand the value of breathing in yoga at such a young age, along with healthy eating and honouring ones own body. If only more 12 year old’s could have similar insight and mindfulness like young Beyonce. We’d certainly love to join one of her yoga classes in the future.

Stay connected with us to learn about the next Earthchild Spotlight and details regarding our 10 year anniversary! #CelebrateECP10

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