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Intern Blog Post: Karina Beyssembaeva

My internship at Earthchild Project

I started my marketing internship at Earthchild Project in June 2015. I was really excited about this internship because the values they defend resonate with me. Indeed, I’m living a holistic and environmentally friendly life. But I was a bit skeptical about the kids’ reaction to yoga, especially the youngest.

volunteer-cape-townMy first day with the kids was in Lavender Hill with Linci and an Italian volunteer, Karen. It was my first time in a township so I didn’t know how the day would go. I have such a good memory of this day, the kids were really amazing, and they were really excited about the yoga class and very attentive. This same day , Karen and I had the chance to assist Xoli with her environmental class, it was amazing to see the kids learning about environmental problems and trying to find solutions that everybody could start applying (in this case it was about water-related issues). It was incredible to see how important Linci and Xoli were in schools, they are much respected and the kids are always excited to see them.

After this, I went to Lavender hill once a week and sometimes I was going to Khayelitsha. It was very interesting to see the differences between the two townships. In Khayelitsha, I assisted Noks with the yoga class. Noks inspired me a lot, she’s such a role model to the kids and the community.

The yoga classes in Lavender Hill and Khayelitsha are not just a “sport” for the kids. It’s a place where they feel safe and can relieve their daily stress. But it’s also a course about the important things in life. Lindci is teaching them the importance of being honest and being kind and Noks explains to them what xenophobia is and why we are all equal.
Moreover, I loved how I was integrated within team. At no point did I feel left out or put aside. On Fridays we did a meeting starting with some mediation, followed by a “stick” circle where everyone is talking about how their week went and how they felt. No one is allowed to intervene while a person is talking so we don’t feel judged. Once we’re done we would talk about work. This showed me how much they care about each other and this is one of the reasons that makes Earthchild Project so unique.

How much they do for the community with simple things as yoga, meditation and environmental education is amazing!

No doubt, Earthchild Project is very unique. For me I did not just learn about marketing but I also lived wonderful moments of love and kindness and feel very blessed that I had a chance to experience it.

So thank you to Rowen, Janna, Xoli, Linci and Noks for everything!

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