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I was born on a farm outside of Kimberley but moved to Cape Town at the age of five and have lived here ever since. After completing a degree in Social Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Cape Town, I moved on to the best university of life – travelling. I have worked, travelled and lived abroad for two years, experiencing new cultures, new ideas and new ways of life.

I have always loved working with children – feeling a bit like a big earthchild myself. I worked as a summer camp councilor for five years both in South Africa and North America, and for one year I was a part time volunteer teacher at a school for street children in Cape Town.

I am a qualified yoga teacher and am on my own personal journey to incorporate the knowledge of yoga into my life. Through practicing yoga and meditation, and aspiring to live a more healthy and balanced life; through living with more awareness and doing service work… I try to life what we are teaching and am inspired by the infinite opportunities for growth and abundance that life offers.

I feel very blessed to be a part of the Earthchild Project. It has been a real adventure which has introduced me to many inspiring people. But really it’s the amazing children at our schools for whom I am most grateful – grateful to have the privilege of supporting their journey to becoming a new generation of Earthchildren.

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  1. It is an incredible job that you are doing. Sending you a lot of energy from Spain. Wow I am just so impressed. It is like you took everything i am pasionate about and mix it all together in a big shaker.

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