Copy of noks jadaI was born in the Eastern Cape but grew up in Cape Town where I lived in Khayelitsha. I attended school at Sobambisana Primary, which is just a block away from Sakumlandela Primary where I am currently working as an Earthchild coordinator. After completing my matric, I studied drama, music and dance.

I was privileged to be able to start my own group with 60 kids in my community, teaching them drama music and dance. They were all from Khayelitsha. I worked as a freelance actress and musician and performed around South Africa. However, I was drawn back to my other passion of working with youth in my community.

I was an active member in my community and became part of the Khayelitsha Youth Development Forum. I served as an additional member of the committee. That’s when I got an opportunity to join the Art of Living where I was introduced to yoga and meditation for the first time.

After a dramatic change in my life through the Art of Living courses, I couldn’t hold my breath and I started organising courses in my community. This experience led me to join the Earthchild Project team.

I am now working as a Schools’ Programme coordinator in Khayelitsha. I also facilitate the Living Classroom programme, teach children yoga and run the Arts & Crafts Clubs as well as help coordinate the Teachers’ Retreats.