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  1. Jamesie

    Hi there! I just answered the survey and didn’t realize how much I would have liked to check the box “Hear other teachers experiences”. I teach gardening (and try to include meditation) in a neighborhood which I assume is similar to the ones in which Earth Child is active. I struggle with wanting to be a peaceful presence in a class where calm nature can be viewed as weakness. I’m curious to know how calm is instilled from the beginning. Thank you :)

    • admin

      Hi Jamesie,

      Thanks for your message and for reaching out to Earthchild Project :)

      We totally understand how challenging it can be to remain calm while still holding a space in an often-times taxing environment. It’s all about finding that balance :) Please feel free to join our Facebook group for Teachers Wellness where we offer tips and tools for coping in stressful situations.

      Thanks again for the message! We wish you peace and happiness on your teaching journey.

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