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Positive Thinking

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Why embracing positive thinking is so important – especially now.

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The Law of Attraction basically contradicts everything your mum told you when you were a young child and the other children at preschool would pull at your hair and make fun of you: Opposites don’t attract; rather, like attracts like. People who think and act positively will experience positive energy. People who surround themselves with negative and damaging energy are more likely to experience negative side-effects. Happiness and positivity do not just happen. You have to actively work for positivity, actively surround yourself with it and embrace it in your lifestyle.

Are you feeling sad today? That’s ok! Instead of playing that sad song that you know is going to make you cry, why not put on something happy and upbeat? Actively acknowledge how you are feeling, but don’t judge yourself for it. Everyone has those down days. Instead, let it go.

Do you feel like you had a bad day because you got caught in the rain and forgot your umbrella? Why not focus on the good things that happened that day, like the great talk you had with your friend? Or the fact that the earth is delighting in much-needed rain? Focus on all the happy little moments you had and put your energy into enjoying them.

You ran 5km today, and you feel upset because your friend can run 10km? Or can run 5km faster? Don’t! You ran 5km, be proud of that. Be proud of what you are able to achieve instead of focusing on the negative.

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It is so easy to get lost in bad thoughts and negativity which can manifest into bad habits. By dwelling on the negatives in your life (and there will always be some) you tend to think that that’s all there is to it. You have to remind yourself; actively sit down and think about all the good things that happened to you today, this week, this year. Think about all the great thing’s you have already achieved. Feel good about them.

Think about the number of times you felt upset because you were caught up in your head and convinced yourself you weren’t good enough. And now imagine all these times you would have felt happy and positive instead, because you ARE good enough! You will never be able to eliminate all the negatives – not from the world or from your own life. But you can change how you deal with them, how you let them affect you and ultimately how you feel on a daily basis.

My grandmother would always say: “If you can’t get rid of the bad, bury it under the good stuff.” Change your own way of thinking, change your law of attraction from negative attracting negative to positive attracting positive and you will inspire others to do the same.

Much love!

If you want to read up more about the Law of Attraction have a look at this website with a lot of useful information and tips on how to live your life accordingly.

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