We are a young and dynamic team. We live what we teach and we are committed to cultivating a generation of confident, conscious and responsible Earthchildren.



I founded Earthchild Project in 2007 with the dream of nurturing a new generation of conscious and empowered young leaders. Before Earthchild Project, I completed a degree in Anthropology and Psychology, became a qualified yoga instructor and gained experience in informal education and youth facilitation. My role now is to ensure that our team works with integrity and passion in a way that is sustainable and professional, and in turn to provide the children with positive role models, high quality programmes and valuable skills for life. I am very proud of our amazing team of dedicated staff, and inspired by the impact that they have on the lives of the children we work with.



For the past 15 years I have had a dedicated practice of breath work, music, yoga, self-development studies and Sudarshin Kriya. I started teaching children’s yoga when I joined Janna in the first year of Earthchild Project in 2007. The benefits of all of these practices drew my interest, eventually leading me to complete my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2017. I gained deeper interest in teaching parents and school teachers and within my own community. I aim to nurture and inspire the children with whom we work by making a difference in their lives.



My passion has always been working with children, especially teenagers, encouraging them to care for, protect and take personal action toward themselves, the earth and others. Before Earthchild Project, I worked at WESSA & Fullcycle, offering educational programmes that taught learners and teachers about environmental issues affecting their communities. I joined Earthchild Project in 2008 and my current role is coordinating our schools’ Environmental Education Programmes and supporting and mentoring our GAP Year interns. I want to inspire the children with whom we work to play a role in society by creating the change they want to see and developing a sense of UBUNTU (humanity).



When asked by my yoga guru what yoga meant to me, my answer was simple ~ My Journey to Self-love ~ and it’s a journey that will continue to evolve with me throughout my life. Little did I know that working with Earthchild Project and witnessing the self love that we cultivate daily in little earthchildren would play a vital role in my own personal journey, too. With a passion for nature and self development, and a desire to keep learning and growing in the communications field, I feel at home with the Earthchild Project Family. I want to bring the message of what we do to the world, so that they too can be a part of the change.



Phila Sophazi

I believe that children have the right to access quality, holistic education, and I joined Earthchild Project in 2021 because I saw an opportunity to serve at an organisation that educates children beyond academics. My background is in arts administration, project management and operations management. Before ECP, I was the operations manager at Project Playground in Gugulethu for six years. I am passionate about connecting with and empowering others to transform themselves and achieve their goals. The Earthchild Project team comprises talented individuals who pour their hearts and souls into their work. My role is to create an environment in which the team can make a powerful impact on our kids, our communities and our world.



Creativity, being in Nature and practicing mindfulness have been lifelines for me throughout my life. This has enabled me to express my inner self outwardly in relation to the world around me and has been a source of deep and abundant connection. I believe that these can be powerful tools to create safe spaces in communities to uplift, engage, challenge and dream. With over a decade of experience working in the creative field and within experiential community education, it is my hope to share these tools with those who need it most.



I volunteered with Earthchild Project on a whim and so began my fulfilling journey of giving, sharing, and receiving the magic of yoga. Each of the Earthchild Programmes speaks to what I believe in and what I wish for others – a closer connection to others, nature, and self. By providing a space for children to breathe, laugh and explore in a safe and dignified way, is a joy that I cherish every day. My own heart and mind have been opened by the Earthchildren and the team with whom I work, so it feels as if my many global travels and diverse jobs can be put to good use on these mats! Every child should have a chance to make a choice of which path they would like to follow and through my own experiences I hope that I can offer some guidance.



In 2007, my love for environmental studies started to grow  when I joined Earthchild Project in my school and was involved with the first ECP Hiking Club. I have always loved being outdoors,  especially when learning about and exploring nature.  My love for the environmental programme’s has also played a big part in me becoming a happy hiker and allowed me to join the Wilderness Within Trail for five days of walking and camping combined with meditation and mindfulness. In 2018 I was entered for  the Global Youth Award based in London where I was chosen as the winner for the environmental leadership section. I now lead hikes and environmental lessons in Khayelitsha.



I started working for Earthchild Project as a Gap year intern in 2016 after being a participant in the Programme since I was 9 years old. One of my biggest achievements is running a hiking club as I used to join the hikes regularly as a child.  My role within Earthchild Project is to facilitate the environmental education lessons for our living classrooms and to manage and run the after school programmes. I aim to inspire our earthchildren everyday by providing them with the information and life skills that will better their lives in the future.



I have always loved nature, my deep interest for the environment began in 2013 and I decided to take measures to pursue environmental science. Before Earthchild Project, I worked and volunteered in several organisations where I gained skills to educate children about environmental issues. I joined the Earthchild Project team in 2022, my current role as an environmental education facilitator is to facilitate environmental lessons (living classrooms, Eco-clubs, and a hiking club). I aim to encourage our Earthchildren to believe in themselves, be the change and create better futures. As Socrates once said,” the secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.



I have been part of Earthchild Project since I was 10 years old and now I’m 18 years old and doing my Gap Year internship where I teach extra mural art to grade 3 learners. Earthchild Project has always given back to the community and I’ve gained so much knowledge over the years and now I’m also giving back to my community and sharing my knowledge with my art learners. I now have the opportunity to explore my artistic side while I’m exposing my learners to Art. I’ve become the person that I am today because of ECP, which has saved me from becoming the norm in a challenging society.



It has been my passion and dream to be surrounded by great innocent souls. With all the children I have worked with, I have seen nothing but growth, mentally, emotionally and physically. For them finding their spiritual being is one of my greatest achievements. I have found peace and warmth in Yoga and meditation. My interest in Yoga started 2019 and since then I never looked back. Teaching kids Yoga is one of my greatest skill which I can’t wait to share with the Earthchild Project children. I am grateful for my breathe.