We are a young and dynamic team. We live what we teach and we are committed to cultivating a generation of confident, conscious and responsible Earthchildren.



I founded Earthchild Project in 2007 with the dream of nurturing a new generation of conscious and empowered young leaders. Before Earthchild Project, I completed a degree in Anthropology and Psychology, became a qualified yoga instructor and gained experience in informal education and youth facilitation. My role now is to ensure that our team works with integrity and passion in a way that is sustainable and professional, and in turn to provide the children with positive role models, high quality programmes and valuable skills for life. I am very proud of our amazing team of dedicated staff, and inspired by the impact that they have on the lives of the children we work with.



Growing up on the Cape Flats, the challenges that I faced inspired me to study in the fields of Social Sciences, Psychology and Developmental studies. After completing my studies and coming full circle in the corporate sector, I found my passion in the NGO sector working with children and youth, joining the Earthchild Project team in 2010. I have since completed my yoga teacher training and my role as a Schools Programme Manager has evolved on so many exciting levels where I get to do what I love – teaching Primary learners about health and wellness through yoga. The best part of my work is creating opportunities for children to explore Self Love!



For the past 15 years I have had a dedicated practice of breath work, music, yoga, self-development studies and Sudarshin Kriya. I started teaching children’s yoga when I joined Janna in the first year of Earthchild Project in 2007. The benefits of all of these practices drew my interest, eventually leading me to complete my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2017. I gained deeper interest in teaching parents and school teachers and within my own community. I aim to nurture and inspire the children with whom we work by making a difference in their lives.



Environmental Programme Manager

My passion has always been working with children, especially teenagers, encouraging them to care for, protect and take personal action toward themselves, the earth and others. Before Earthchild Project, I worked at WESSA & Fullcycle, offering educational programmes that taught learners and teachers about environmental issues affecting their communities. I joined Earthchild Project in 2008 and my current role is coordinating our schools’ Environmental Education Programmes and supporting and mentoring our GAP Year interns. I want to inspire the children with whom we work to play a role in society by creating the change they want to see and developing a sense of UBUNTU (humanity).



Environmental Programme Manager


I have worked with various NGO’s over the last few years and have focused on connecting people to nature through hiking trails and walking experiences. I believe that stimulating people’s curiosity through practical and personal experiences not only allows  them to connect to nature but also allows them to connect to their nature and what comes naturally to them. Something that truly inspires and motivates me is witnessing how being in nature can connect people from different backgrounds and positively influence relationships. I want to teach people to fall in love with nature.  I joined the Earthchild Project in 2017 as the Environmental Education Coordinator in Lavender Hill.


Communications Manager

When asked by my yoga guru what yoga meant to me, my answer was simple ~ My Journey to Self-love ~ and it’s a journey that will continue to evolve with me throughout my life. Little did I know that working with Earthchild Project and witnessing the self love that we cultivate daily in little earthchildren would play a vital role in my own personal journey, too. With a passion for nature and self development, and a desire to keep learning and growing in the communications field, I feel at home with the Earthchild Project Family. I want to bring the message of what we do to the world, so that they too can be a part of the change.