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The Spinach King – A beacon of hope in the midst of Khayelitsha

The community of Khayelitsha, where Earthchild Project is present in 4 schools, is a very special one. The children are happy, smiling, and eager to learn and practice yoga, but their living and home situation is not always ideal, with some areas having families of 8-10 people living in one shack and having to walk up to 200 m for running water. Khayelitsha is one of the fastest growing townships in Cape Town and is prone to all different types of violence. Earthchild Project aims to help the children living in this environment to realise their potential and to create new possibilities for their lives. We aim to help them reach a better understanding of themselves through yoga and environmental work. We teach them to reach higher, and aim for bigger and better goals.

In the midst of the chaos in the community, is Spinach King. Spinach King is an all natural bakery that sells a variety of spinach-based foods such as muffins, juices and smoothies, bread, sandwiches and so on. The founder and owner, Lufefe, conceived the idea in 2011 and started baking his bread in a neighborhood oven where he sold his loaves from door to door. When he finally made enough money to employ staff, his business began to flourish.

Now, after years of hard work, winning an SAB innovation Award and the Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Award, and with the help from Virgin Active, Lufefe generated enough money to open up his bakery in the busy Khayelitsha Mall. Spinach King is made of two shipping containers and stands out proudly from everything else around it, with its bright green paint and fresh spinach growing in boxes outside the bakery.

Being a local with a big idea, Lufefe didn’t give up on his dreams. He  worked hard, and managed to make a business for himself and for the community of Khayelitsha. Having Spinach King as a local business proves to the children and the community of Khayelitsha that you can truly do whatever you put your mind to – no matter where you are.

 With businesses like Spinach King that arose from the same community as our Earthchildren, there are dreams and hope. And we aim to cultivate and nurture that hope in each and every Earthchild.


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