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The Teacher’s Wellness Convention: a Day of Learning, Relaxation and Fun

On a crisp autumn Saturday morning, hundreds of teachers gathered at the Observatory Community Centre to attend Earthchild Projects’ annual Teachers Wellness Convention.  The Convention takes places in order to offer teachers the support and coping tools that they need in light of the current milieu of violence, gang wars, drugs, learning disabilities, student protests and lack of funding in the education sector. Teachers tend to bear the brunt of these problems in their everyday work lives.

The convention provided a unique opportunity for learning, relaxation and fun in a safe and wholesome space. Laughing therapy, cooking demos, yoga, meditation, massage and dance were just a few of the jivey, interactive sessions that teachers participated in. Other sessions included workshops on breath-work, the anatomy-of-stress, living your passion and the hormone impact on stress. All these sessions strive to get teachers moving, laughing and learning in order to de-stress and re-energise for the important work that they do.

Laughter therapy, yoga and the massage sessions were all firm favourites of the day. One teacher exclaimed: “After my massage I felt like a new person!” Even first-timer yogi’s enjoyed the experience: “It was my first yoga, and I did it!”  Whether you want to move and jive, sit back and listen, or just chill in the cosy chill-out room, there is something for every teacher at this convention. Plus our teachers got to take home a Truworths-inspired goodie-bag! So if you’re a teacher based in Cape Town looking to de-stress and re-energise in fun ways, or just someone looking to find out more about next year’s event, please join our Facebook page [Earthchild Project] or visit our website earhchildproject.org. #TeacherWellness


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