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Welcome to the team, Etienne!

Sharing environmental knowledge and stimulating awareness about, and care for, nature are core aspects of Earthchild Project’s practices. But finding the right people for this job can often be a challenge. The children need someone to look up to, someone interesting to learn from and someone willing to be with them every day and share their love for nature. In this light, we would like to welcome Etienne Basson, Earthchild Project’s newest team member, an Environmental Facilitator for our partner-schools in Lavender Hill.

Etienne grew up in Stellenbosch, where he studied Biodiveristy and Ecology at the University of Stellenbosch. He is currently completing his honours in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling through Unisa. Through his studies and personal learning and reflection, Etienne has come to realise that his life-purpose is to: “teach people to fall in love with nature.” At heart, Etienne is a nature steward, and wishes to share his love for, and learning about, nature with young children in practical, everyday ways.

Etienne believes that people have become physically and psychologically disconnected from the natural environment and that people tend to perceive themselves as being ‘separate’ from nature.  In order to reconnect with nature, he believes that children should be consciously taught about nature, in relation to themselves from an early age in embodied ways, thus strongly resonating with Earthchild Project’s focus on experiential learning through yoga and gardening.

From the Earthchild Project Team, we extend a very warm and excited welcome to Etienne, our very first male Environmental Facilitator. We hope that you prosper with us, and that we may also learn from you.


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