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What exactly is worm farming?

Worm farming, something Earthchild has implemented in the schools in Kayehlitsha and Lavender Hill, is a method of using worms to process organic food waste in order to produce a nutrient rich soil. Food waste includes coffee grounds, eggshells, tea bags, fruits and vegetables and even cardboard or paper. This is extremely beneficial for the environment in that the waste which would normally end up in a landfill is converted into compost for the garden.


Teaching children about worm farming is a great way for them to interact with some of nature’s animals that one may not even think about interacting with.Through the Living Classrooms programme and worm farming, Earthchild Project teaches children to treat all animals with respect, even earthworms. The children are able to help to make the worm farms with the food and soil, and even pick up and hold the worms, too. Through touching and learning about the earthworms, they are not only exposed to worm farming but also exposed to composting, and gardening. The worms are natural recyclers that break down the food waste put into the worm farm and produce 10 times richer soil than normal. This in turn is used to garden, which the children absolutely love!

Worm farming comes full circle with gardening, where we use the soil that the worms have produced and we are able to teach the children the importance of the environment and how to take care of it. They are also exposed to sustainably growing vegetables and being able to eat them, too.

Worm farming is an activity that the children have really come to love and enjoy. Each classroom has a worm farm in it, which the children learn to take care of  daily. Through this, children have learned to respect animals and the environment and to get excited about recycling, composting and the sustainable growing and nurturing of their own plants.


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