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Worm tea – a key ingredient in our organic gardening

Have you ever heard of worm tea? It doesn’t sound great, does it? Thing is, it is amazing! It’s often misunderstood what worm tea actually is. It is not the leachate (water that has percolated through a solid and leached out some of its constituents) which gathers in the bottom bin of the worm farm.  This shouldn’t be used on your vegetables as it may contain pathogens and the PH  may be very high, plus studies have shown that it has low nutritional value (so your plants will not thrive on it). Worm tea, however, is the key ingredient to your vegetables and plants thriving!

Worm tea is made by soaking a handful of worm castings in 5 liters of warm (not hot) water for 24-48 hours. Adding a tablespoon of molasses will increase the beneficial bacteria and effect microorganisms dramatically. The Earthchild Project Team had the opportunity to see parts of this process in production at Soil for Life in Cape Town recently. The approach of Soil for Life is is to help people to create their own sustainable home food gardens, however limited their resources. Their vision ::  A healthy world, where people work in harmony to build healthy soils, grow nutritious food and heal the planet. You can read more about Soil for Life and the workshops and work that they do here. Their fantastic gardens are definitely worth a visit!

Similarly, in our Living Classroom, each earthchild gets to work in harmony with nature. They get a chance to feed the worms, investigate them up close and personal, and make worm tea. Together, they all get the opportunity to work the soil and plant seeds and seedlings. It’s then the exciting process of watching this super nutrient work its magic on the organic vegetable garden at the school. Even the teachers get to take the worm tea home to use in their own gardens.

We believe that by providing children with an appreciation for nature and creating fascination about the process, we can instill a deep love and respect for nature in our little earthchildren. This is our gift to the planet, contributing to a future generation of nature lovers and enthusiasts who will marvel at the wonder of our planet and do everything that they can to protect it.


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