Copy of xoli fuyaniI was born and raised at Gugulethu in Cape Town. After completing my studies I joined the Mission Antarctica team as they travelled 16 000kms around South Africa, raising environmental awareness in the lead-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002. My passion for the environment and awareness of environmental issues grew to such an extent during that period I decided to build my career in environmental education.

For four year I worked for Eco-schools as a coordinator for 11 Primary schools in Gugulethu. I also volunteered with Pride of Table Mountain, leading youth on excursions on Table Mountain to encourage their interest and grow their knowledge of their environment. I also facilitated a WESSA Adopt-a-beach programme, teaching learners from Gugulethu about conservation of the coastal environment. From January 2007 to 2008 I joined FullCycle working with schools offering an educational programme that taught learners and teachers about Waste Management focusing on Vermiculture.

My passion has always been working with children, especially teenagers, encouraging them to care for, protect and take personal action toward themselves, the earth and others.

My role with Earthchild Project is coordinating the Environmental Education in our Schools’ Programmes. I also run the Young Women’s Group, Hiking Clubs and Worm Farming Clubs. Being part of the Earthchild Project team has helped me fulfill my wish to inspire children to play a role in our societies by creating the change they want to see, by learning and developing as sense of UBUNTU (humanity), because we all have the ability to enhance or change the current situation.