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Claumi – Youth on the rise with our Alumni Programme

Claumi is 19 years old and lives in Retreat, Cape Town,  with her parents and her siblings. She has been with ECP for 9 years and is one of the proud graduates of our Alumni Programme which focuses on nurturing the leadership potential of a select group of our primary school graduates throughout their high school years.

When she was just ten years old, Claumi joined the ECP Programmes starting with yoga, worm farming, hiking and holiday programmes before moving into the Alumni Programme, where one of her highlights was the eight day Alumni Camp. 

“My experience in the first Earthchild camp was so amazing. It was one of, actually, the best experiences I have ever experienced.” It was a place where she was taught to start conversations and interact with people from other sectors which really helped her to overcome her shyness and build confidence. She says how the activities from the camp helped her to grow her self-esteem, and she still uses the practices of journaling and positive affirmations like “I am beautiful. I am amazing” at home, daily. 

Through the Alumni Programme she experienced deep personal transformation through practical opportunities that allowed her to build her leadership skills. One such skill that she is proud of is that she has learnt how to voice her opinion, while her most valuable skill that she has learned through ECP is the ability to be positive. She says that nurturing a positive mindset is what helped her through high school when friends were sometimes struggling.

Through the Alumni Programme, Claumi made friends who were experiencing similar life challenges to her. They were able to speak about their problems and help one another to problem solve. The ECP facilitators have been meaningful positive role models in her life – offering support, advice, and someone to turn to when it is tough to speak about problems at home. It is through our Alumni Programme that we are nurturing young leaders like Claumi, and are working together to grow future leaders who spread a vision for holistic living.



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