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Alumni Creative Facilitation Camp

Our new Alumni recently completed a 5 day camp training to become better creative facilitators, to more effectively pass on the knowledge they are learning through our project to younger generations. The camp was organised in partnership with Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE).

The Alumni Programme was established this year, after we saw an increase in the number of returning Earthchildren who had graduated to high school looking to continue their growth and learning. The programme focuses on leadership and skills development, encouraging them to take on an active role mentoring and facilitating ECP programmes. The intention is to grow young leaders who can inspire the next generation to become conscious and connected individuals.

As part of the 5 day camp, our Alumni ran a youth-led day, and did a great job! They used the knowledge and training gained during the camp almost immediately afterwards when they returned home to lead the October Holiday Programme.  We noticed considerable shift in their enthusiasm, as well as facilitation and leadership skills and ability to run the programme after the PYE creative facilitation training.

The PYE is an international non-profit organisation, training youth and adults around the world to deepen the impact of their youth programmes by providing empowering practices and leading-edge group facilitation tools focusing on the creative arts. They’ve trained thousands of people around the world.

It has been truly inspiring to see our Alumni, aged 14 – 17 years old, stepping-up as youth facilitators and role models to inspire the younger children. Thanks to all our sponsors who make this possible!

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