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Earthchild Alumni – Caitlin

“Where you come from doesn’t always define where you are going to be one day. You don’t have to be where you come from.”

Caitlin is 16 years old in Grade 12 at one of our schools in Lavender Hill. She is part of the Earthchild Project Alumni Programme and has been a part of ECP since she was in Grade 6. Read on for Caitlin’s personal experience of her journey with Earthchild Project.
“This is sadly my last year since I am in matric this year. When I started I was in Ms Robertson’s class – they still have the worm farm now! Everyone was interacting with each other…it made me feel really comfortable and I wasn’t panicked and I’ve really enjoyed it from Grade 6 until now. It’s taught me how to be more confident, and also leadership skills. At school I’m a prefect, so that’s really helped. I’m more confident with my orals in class, as well as communication skills. I can communicate without being totally shy like my normal self.”
“I live in a community where most people either do drugs or fall pregnant like a few girls in our road was pregnant a while ago. There’s always just negative things that people try and do, but for me I’ve never really felt like that’s what I should do. Like we were all friends when we were younger, but they went off to do their own thing. ECP really gave me something to do instead of falling into that bad stuff like everybody else.
For me, if you represent ECP you have to be kind to people because it teaches you all about being kind, helping others, keeping the environment safe. Instead of adding what’s wrong to the world, why don’t you try and better it for the next generation?
If I didn’t become one of the ECP children I wouldn’t have learned leadership skills or how to better myself. It’s given me the sense of talking out and speaking my mind and giving me the motivation to do so.”

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