July 12, 2022 admin

Earthchild Eco Warrior Mikhulu

“Earthchild Project teaches us to be kind to the environment, kind to our bodies, and kind and courteous to others. Honey catches more flies than vinegar.”

Mikhulu is in Grade 5 at one of our school’s in Khayelitsha, and is part of the Earthchild Project Eco Warriors Club with our environmental facilitator, Liya.

When Mikhulu attended his first Eco Warrior Club, he felt a little shy and nervous, but he wanted to be the best student in the Club which inspired him to participate and to learn! Now, he says that he has butterflies tickling his stomach whenever he has his Eco warriors Extra Mural.

He loves that ECP is so much more than just learning about animals and saving water, but that it’s also about connecting and having fun! His inquiring mind makes him eager to boost his knowledge about science and the world, so that he can make a difference one day – and he believes that ECP will help him to achieve this.

Mikhulu’s main inspiration from his Eco Warriors Club with ECP is to teach other young boys like himself to be kinder to the planet.

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