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Earthchild Hero: Sonwabise or Soso

Sonwabise (also known as Soso by those who love her) is one our alumni and a yoga teacher in our own right – she’s been part of our project for many years and has been teaching the children in neighborhood for nearly as long. Be inspired…

Q. What inspires you?

Being creative and loving myself. My environment is also an inspiration – the challenges keep me strong.

Q. How do you care for yourself, others and the environment?

I especially do yoga and I try to reach out those in need, if I can do something. I try to teach people to live as cleanly as possible. I come from a very dirty environment, where no one cares about clean living. I try to change things a little bit by teaching a small group of kids in our neighborhood about yoga and how to care for the environment.

Q. Who is your role model?

I have two. Sissi Noks because I look at her and I see a parent, like a mother. She’s caring, with lots of discipline and love. She puts others first. And then Beauty from the AYP camp, because she’s a yoga teacher like me and despite her environment she comes from she’s overcome it to become the best yoga teacher she can be. She really is a beauty.

Q. How does yoga make you feel?

It makes me feel relaxed and confident in myself. I can come to a space where I am my own person, not looking at someone else. It makes me feel full and gives me hope that I can accomplish anything.

sosoQ. What is your favorite yoga pose?

Eagle pose, because in life you have to be balanced. Keep your eye on one point, because if you don’t you can get very confused.

Q. If you were an animal what animal would you be?

A kangaroo because it cares for its young by carrying it in a pouch. It’s important if you care for someone, it makes them happy and I’m all about happiness. When I support someone, I give them hope.

Q. What is the importance of education?

Education is important so that you can be open-minded. Life isn’t just about jumping from down here to up there – you have to go through the obstacles so that you can know that with hard work comes success.

Find out more about our Alumni Programme

Just R200 provides a child like Soso with weekly yoga lessons for a year. You can Share the Love of Yoga by donating, holding a fundraising class or sharing the love on social media

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