Earthchild Project & Ntwasahlobo Primary School Celebrate the Opening of our Organic Food Garden in Collaboration with Urban Harvest Edible Gardens.

Khayelitsha, Western Cape 16 May 2024 – With a wild dream, zero funds, and unwavering drive, the unimaginable has been achieved. Khayelitsha, Western Cape 16 May 2024 – With a wild dream, zero funds, and unwavering drive, the unimaginable has been achieved. 

At Earthchild Project, we’ve spent the last decade and a half turning the impossible into reality. From presenting yoga classes in schools within disadvantaged communities to building Earthchild Project classrooms on school premises, cultivating worm farms, and much more, we have continuously worked towards making a positive impact. 

16 May 2024 marked yet another milestone as we proudly announced the opening of the new Ntwasahlobo Primary School sustainable organic food garden, made possible through our partnership with Urban Harvest Edible Gardens and Ntwasahlobo Primary School.

Ntwasahlobo Primary School is one of four schools in Khayelitsha participating in Earthchild Project programs. On 16 May we gathered alongside the school Principal Mrs Mbeki, school officials, Earthchild Project staff and volunteers, learners involved in our programs, and the dedicated team from Urban Harvest, to get our hands stuck in the mud to plant the first seeds and seedlings. These events are not just about planting a garden; it is part of a broader practical skills training activity that includes planting and environmental education, neatly aligning with the theoretical knowledge imparted by our Environmental Education Facilitator, Athi Khulu.

From beneficiary to benefactor

Athi’s journey with Earthchild Project is particularly inspiring. He joined our programs when he was just eight years old, and today, he is an employee of the organisation, sharing his knowledge, skills, and passion with the learners. His story embodies the essence of Earthchild Project’s mission: empowering young minds and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship from an early age.

The vision for this garden was brought to life through a successful crowdfunding campaign initiated by our partners in Germany via the GoFundMe platform. Launched in September 2023, this drive has raised over R586,000, enabling the construction of this vibrant garden. The overwhelming support from donors around the world highlights the global community’s commitment to sustainable development and education.

We will soon gather again at the Ntwasahlobo Primary School Garden to harvest the vegetables we planted. The produce from this garden will be donated to the school’s food kitchen, which feeds over 1,000 youth per day. This initiative not only provides nutritious food for the learners but also teaches them invaluable lessons about sustainability, self-sufficiency, and the importance of caring for the environment.

Promoting environmental education

The establishment of the Ntwasahlobo Primary School food garden represents a significant step forward in our ongoing mission to promote environmental education and sustainable practices within disadvantaged communities. The design of the garden serves as a living classroom where learners can engage with nature, understand the lifecycle of plants, and appreciate the importance of sustainable living. By involving children directly in the planting and nurturing of the garden, we aim to instil a sense of responsibility and connection to the natural world that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Mrs Mbeki, the Principal of Ntwasahlobo Primary School, expressed her excitement, saying, “Through this new garden, we are able to teach our learners about healthy food choices. The garden will promote teamwork for both learners and staff as together we will contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the garden. The garden will also provide a beautiful space for our teachers to run class lessons and physical activities.” 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters, donors, and partners for their unwavering support and commitment. Without their generosity and belief in our vision, this project would not have been possible. We also thank the community of Ntwasahlobo Primary School for their enthusiasm and willingness to embrace this initiative.

Witness the Magic

Watch the video to see and experience the joy of coming together as school officials, learners, the Urban Harvest Edible Garden team and the Earthchild Project volunteers and staff to plant the very first seeds and seedlings.