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ECP Eco Explorers – Sharing our love for the earth in honour of Earth Day.

In honour of Earth Day tomorrow (Thursday 22 April 2021) we wanted to show our followers how we encourage a deep love for, and connection to the earth by sharing a little more about the Earthchild Project Eco Explorer and Hiking Clubs.

What’s special about taking our Earthchildren into nature and into the mountains, forests and beaches of Cape Town, is that we are able to provide a space for them to leave their communities, explore their own natural environment, connect with nature, and connect with themselves. Our facilitators teach them about local fauna and flora, as well as environmental challenges such as alien vegetation and pollution and the role that they can play in combating these growing issues. The eco-adventures are also used as a platform to empower the youth with life skills such as  team work, leadership and communication. At the same time, we combine our explorations with meditation and mindfulness activities that allow our Earthchildren to connect more deeply.

Hear from the mouths of our Eco Explorers what it is that they love the most about being out in nature and exploring with the ECP Eco Explorers Club;
“It makes me happy and it makes me peaceful.”
“It makes me close to nature.”
“We get to know other people and love each other.”
“I have always seen the mountain from my back yard and always wished I could climb it one day. Today was my first time walking on Table Mountain and it was a dream come true.

Through our Eco Explorations and our hikes, we aim to inspire and grow future environmental leaders who become changemakers and advocates for protecting mother earth!  

This video was filmed in Cape Town in 2017 in partnership with @earthdancect.

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