Environmental Education

Earthchild Project runs three environmental components in our Programmes – Worm Farming & Gardening, Eco Warriors and Eco Explorers. By offering environmental education that compliments the school curriculum, we aim to contribute to a generation of conscious, committed young leaders who care about the future of our planet.

Living Classroom Worm Farming and Gardening

Our Earthchild Facilitators set up a worm farm and container garden in each Living Classroom. We then use them as a practical resource to teach bimonthly lessons about the environment in a way that is fun and engaging.

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Living Classsrooms

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Lessons Taught

“They also love the worm farming pledge, they do it every day. I love how they always care for the worms and wonder if they are still alive. Every time after one of them feeds the worms they make sure the lid is properly closed because they know that Zuki loves the darkness. It's so sweet to watch."

Eco Warriors

Through positive, experiential and engaging sessions, our Grade 5 and 6 Eco Warriors are learning about the role that each of them plays in our environment, as well as practical ways that they can take action within their own communities.

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Extra mural sessions

“After joining the Earthchild Project I’ve realised how important nature is. It helped me to stop littering and to start taking care of the environment.”

Eco Explorers

Through our Eco Explorer hikes and camps, we aim to inspire Grade 7 learners to connect with and learn about nature, as well as empowering them with life-skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication. Ultimately, growing future environmental leaders who become changemakers in their communities.

IN 2022 WE RAN

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Day hikes


“My favourite thing about being in the hiking club is enjoying the peace and quiet during hikes and being able to connect with nature and learning about the interdependence between humans and the natural resources.”

Anelisa Ngedezi - creating a greener community in Khayelitsha