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International Yoga Day: Sharing the Love of Yoga

The recently inaugurated UN day, International Yoga Day on June 21, celebrates yoga’s ability to transform one’s self and society. Yoga is particularly beneficial for reducing stress and the impact of trauma experienced by children living in under-resourced communities in South Africa. And yet, yoga is accessible to only the privileged few.

“Yoga gives me so much relaxation. When I’m under pressure for exams, I remember to take a deep breath in and to concentrate…” – Lekhona , Grade 11

This is why for the past eight years, we’ve been teaching yoga and meditation to thousands of school children from communities in Khayelitsha and the Cape Flats. The children face stressful environments with daily exposure to violence, substance abuse and poverty, impacting on their ability to concentrate and learn.

Over the years, teachers have reported to Earthchild Project that yoga helps their students concentrate better, fight less and their academic results improve. The children often begin practicing yoga at home, and teach their peers and family. It empowers vulnerable children to transform their lives and communities.

This is the true power of yoga.  The power to create a new generation of young leaders whose dreams and ambitions are not to acquire personal wealth and power but rather to live consciously, make a positive difference in their communities and inspire others to do the same.

There are three ways to “Share the Love”:

  1. Donate – just R200 provides one child with weekly yoga for a year
  2. Share the Love on social media
  3. Hold a fundraising class

Find out more at Bitly.com/shareloveyoga

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