September 15, 2021 admin

Jadene – A world of endless possibilities with Earthchild Project

Everyone who has met her will recognise her infectious smile. Jadene started Yoga and Worm Farming with Earthchild Project when she was 10 years old and in Grade 4 in Lavender Hill. After completing the Alumni and Internship Programmes, she is now a full time yoga facilitator with ECP.

Jadene recalls how she was so excited with the opportunity to join the Alumni Programme when she finished Grade 7 and was inspired to then become an ECP intern because she felt that by continuing with ECP, she could find direction with where she was going in life.

Jadene is passionate about how ECP can help young women to discover their dreams. “In Lavender Hill we don’t have a good reputation. We don’t have the freedom of feeling safe. And so I really do  think it’s important for young females to have good, positive, healthy role models to encourage us and to show us that we have more potential and that we can do more…I think we can make the change in the world…”

As a young facilitator, Jadene wants to encourage other young women to stay strong, to believe in themselves and to know that they have unlimited potential. ECP has opened a new world for Jadene where she can be herself and where she can feel safe…a world of endless possibilities. 

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