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Kuhle – Finding joy through yoga, nature, and surfing

Today we share the story of Kuhle, one of the determined youth whom we are proud to work with. Kuhle is 14 years old and lives in Capricorn Square in Cape Town. He had a tough start to life as a young boy, and grew up with foster parents who neglected him and kept him out of school. Social workers eventually put Kuhle in a new foster home where he is now loved and cared for.

Kuhle finds peace and security through the Earthchild Project Gardening and Yoga Programmes, and he also plays rugby and surfs with @wavesforchange – a brilliant NGO using surfing to create community-owned safe spaces in Africa and beyond. We love how his face lights up when he talks about gardening, yoga and surfing. “Yoga helps me with surfing because it stretches my body and (helps me) balance on my board. Yoga keeps me calm in the water”. “Any opportunity after school, even during school, programmes like planting, yoga, surfing, I will be grateful to do it”.

Kuhle sometimes has flashbacks to sad times in his life, but yoga and surfing have helped him to deal with these emotions. He doesn’t get angry in class anymore and respects his friends and teachers. He still likes to be alone sometimes and enjoys being on his own in the garden, which our Gardening Programme has inspired him to care for and protect. Kuhle wants to finish school and go to college one day, and maybe join the army or the navy, with the dream of buying his mother a house one day. We give hope, safety – and a reason to keep dreaming – to young boys and girls like Kuhle. 📸 @dreamcatcherproductionsza #youthday #youthatrisk #southafrica

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