We’re inspiring a new generation of young leaders through our holiday and alumni programmes

Holiday Programme

Nurturing leadership potential and self-development

During the October school holidays, Grade 3, 4 & 5 earthchildren attend a fun and inspiring five day programme, which is facilitated with the help of our Grade 7 Young Leaders and High School Alumni.

“I found myself and learnt to love myself. The biggest change I have experienced is changing my pain into power."

Alumni Programme

Working together to grow young leaders who spread a vision for holistic living

This Programme focuses on nurturing the leadership potential of a select group of our primary school graduates throughout their high school years. Through quarterly skills development workshops, an 8-day camp, and helping to organise and run our Holiday Programmes, they experience deep personal transformation and practical opportunities to implement their leadership skills.

IN 2022 WE RAN

Children reached

Full day workshops

8 day camp

"My biggest change is that I stopped the negative things I was doing because I met great souls that changed my life."

Liam Rhoda - life for a young man growing up in Lavender Hill