We’re bursting with excitement to share the latest news from Earthchild Project! Just recently, our beloved Ambassador, Lesley-Ann Brandt, paid a heartwarming visit to our little yogis at Harmony Primary School, in the vibrant community of Lavender Hill. This visit marks a momentous occasion, showcasing the incredible impact of our ongoing collaboration with Lesley-Ann.

The day was filled with warmth and joy as we welcomed Lesley-Ann with open arms. Fun ice-breakers set the tone for a day of meaningful connection and empowerment. Together, we engaged in an invigorating yoga session with our little yogis, whose smiles lit up the room with pure joy.

Since 2019, Lesley-Ann has been a true force for change, dedicating her time and efforts to raise over R670,000. This remarkable contribution has been instrumental in enhancing the facilities at Levana Primary School, nestled in the heart of Lavender Hill. With her unwavering support, we’ve been able to create a nurturing environment where over 600 eager learners and 15 dedicated teachers now benefit from transformative programmes on a weekly basis.

From invigorating yoga sessions to moments of peaceful meditation, and engaging environmental education, our programmes in this space are igniting a spark of curiosity and empowerment in the hearts of the community’s youth. Lesley-Ann’s passion for sustainability and her unwavering dedication to South Africa’s youth shine brightly through her ongoing support. Her commitment is nothing short of inspiring, and we are deeply grateful for the impact she continues to make.

As we reflect on this incredible journey, we’re reminded of the power of collaboration and the ripple effect of kindness. Lesley-Ann’s visit serves as a reminder that together, we can create meaningful change and nurture brighter futures for generations to come.

From all of us at Earthchild Project, a heartfelt thank you to Lesley-Ann for her unwavering support and dedication. Together, we’re truly making a difference in the lives of the children of Lavender Hill and beyond.