Jemima is in Grade 4 in Lavender Hill and has been doing yoga with Earthchild Project yoga facilitator, Claumi, for over a year now. She shares what she loves about yoga and Earthchild Project with us!

“Yoga has taught me to always relax when you are doing something hard and to focus on your best, which is why I want to be a yoga teacher one day and teach other children yoga.

I never did yoga before so when I started I didn’t know what we were doing in that class and also when I started doing yoga I realised that it started making me feel calm when I was angry. Yoga teaches me to always calm down when you are doing something hard. When my mommy is shouting at me and I’m getting very angry, I must just calm down and do some yoga.

I especially love when we get apples after yoga. Then even the naughty children are quiet. It’s a good thing to be an Earthchild and to teach other children yoga. If they are having a bad day they can just do yoga to make their day better.

I want to say to people that if you are going through a lot right now, just do yoga and feel better.”

Wise advice from this young yogi!