“Yoga helps me to not feel sad. It makes me feel happy and safe. It helps me when I struggle and it helps me focus.”

Kuhle is in Grade 5 at one of our schools in Khayelitsha, and is part of the Earthchild Project Yoga Programme with our yoga facilitator, Anathi. We asked Kuhle a few questions about being a yogi and an Earthchild.

⭐What do you love to do the most in your yoga classes with Anathi? 
“I do yoga and the yoga pledge and some exercises. In yoga I felt free and I had peace, I could feel it. Doing a vision board helps me feel better and Earthchild Project helps me to know who I am.”

⭐How do you feel when you come into your yoga class?
“I feel happy because Ms Anathi does not shout at me when I do things wrong, she just explains it to me and shows me.”

⭐What else does Earthchild Project teach you, besides yoga?
“It teaches me I must eat healthy and not do wrong things to my friends and have respect and do the exercises. I learn to not drink and not smoke because it will damage my body.”

Kuhle also loves going on Earthchild Project outings with Anathi, where she learns about animals and the environment. One of her favourite things to do is practice yoga at home with her twin brother.