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Three new interns have since the beginning of September been a part of the Earthchild Project team. Let us introduce them…

Romy de Jongh

Romy de Jongh ©Amanda Norrlander

Romy de Jongh ©Amanda Norrlander


“My name is Romy de Jongh. I am 21 years old and I come from the Netherlands. When I was younger, I dreamed about going abroad and doing an internship in Africa. This year my dream finally became a reality. I will do an internship for Earthchild Project for six months. I study Social and Cultural Education in Amsterdam. It is about solving social problems in a creative way. Most of the time I will be at the office. I answer the volunteer and internship emails and help out with the 10th year anniversary event coming up in November. One day a week I go to the schools in Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill. Me and my friend Laura help the yoga teachers with the yoga lessons. We give new input, help the children with the poses and we take pictures for social media. I am very excited to join the Earthchild Project team. I am a creative person and I hope that I can contribute with my creativity to the team and come up with new ideas.”




Laura ten Boer

Laura ten Boer ©Amanda Norrlander

Laura ten Boer ©Amanda Norrlander

“My name is Laura ten Boer. I am 21 years old and I am from a little village next to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. My friend and classmate Romy and I are both very passionate about traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. It is our third year now of our studies in Cultural and Social Education and we both had to choose an internship. We really wanted to go abroad and do an internship that is close to our interests and hearts. South Africa seemed for us the perfect place to start a new adventure, since it’s so far from home and a beautiful country we both have never been to. After some time searching on the internet we found the non-profit organisation Earthchild Project. I loved that Earthchild Project is focusing on self-awareness, health and the environment and that they are teaching these life lessons to children. These are all topics that I myself am very interested in and that I think are so important. I felt very honoured when I heard I was going to be part of the Earthchild Project team. I have been to two schools in Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill and I can really see how happy the children are with the classes, which is so beautiful to see. I am really looking forward to being a part of the Earthchild organisation these coming six months!”


Amanda Norrlander

Amanda Norrlander

Amanda Norrlander

“Hi Earthchild Project Community! My name is Amanda Norrlander and I am born and raised in Sweden. As a part of my current master studies in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University (Sweden), I’ve been given the opportunity to do a four month long internship with Earthchild Project. I am so very grateful to join this loving, caring, and holistic sustainability community. I hope to contribute to the team with my energy and my knowledge within the field, which I have obtained trough my current studies, travels, my time at an environmental research centre, and my great personal interest.

 This is my first time in South Africa and I feel honoured that I get to learn so much from just living here, my colleagues, and above all the Earthchildren. During my time here, I will give a hand to the Living Classroom and Eco-warrior team both from the office and in Lavender Hill/Khayelitsha; plan and cook food for the 10th Anniversary in November; as well as spreading the word of Earthchild Project to the world through photography, social media, and blog posts. I am really looking forward to these coming months and hope to see you around!”







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