August 2, 2022 admin

Meet Zakhe

“Athi inspires me because he is more like a father. He always encourages me to do something. When I feel down, he asks me what I am doing about it and then we make a plan to just go and feel happy by hiking in the mountains.”

Since Grade 5, Zakhe has been one of the shining stars of the Earthchild Project Eco Explorers Club with @athikhulu. Zakhe is going to high school next year, and is certain that he wants to continue adventuring with our Eco Explorers. When asked if he has made friends in the Club, he says that since joining, he has gained so much confidence when making friends; “All of them are my friends. Especially the volunteers. I can speak to any of them, anyone in the group.”

He said he’s hiked so many mountains with Earthchild Project that he can’t remember all the names of the trails! Besides being given the opportunity to explore many of Cape Towns mountains and forests, Zakhe says that Earthchild Project has also inspred him to take care of his garden and dogs and cats at home. He even has his own operating worm farm at home!

His favourite thing about the Club? “What I like about the hiking club is that it always supports others to hike more and to inspire other people to push each other harder to climb the mountain. And what I like about ECP is that its people who keep inspiring children to do more and more and achieve their dreams.”


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