Environmental Video – “I Am Mother Nature”

Mother Nature has been around for over 4.5 billion years, she doesn’t really need people but we need her. This environmental video voices what Mother Nature would say if she could speak. She’s a terrifyingly strong woman, narrated by Julia Roberts, who makes it clear that the need to care for her is not about her own survival but our own.

It’s a little snippet that shows quickly the importance of the environmental issues we face and forms part of a series for Nature is Speaking, narrated by well-known celebrates. For example, Edward Norton is the Soil, speaking of how we treat him like dirt and how he is broken, while Kevin Spacey is the Rainforest.

Environmental education is often so theoretical that children and students struggle to grasp its immediate and practical implications. In particular, at Earthchild Project, our children live in communities where nature is scarce, without trees or grass or plants. It can make environmental education difficult, as how do you care for something you know so little about. We found that creating gardens and worm farming through our Living Classrooms, and hiking were good ways to connect our children with the environment.

By joining hikes, our Earthchildren often are exposed to forests, clear rivers and mountain tops, for the first time in their lives. The impact is self-evident in the faces of the children who join the hikes…

This series of videos are good at addressing this problem, by personifying the environment. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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