June 1, 2021 admin

Ms Henricks – A teachers perspective on the benefits of Earthchild Project

Meet Ms Hendricks – one of the dedicated teachers with whom we work. Ms Hendricks teaches Grade 1 at Levana Primary School in Lavender Hill, which is one of the 8 schools in which Earthchild Project operates our programmes. She has welcomed the Earthchild Project facilitators into her class for the past four years, and is inspired by the difference that our programmes make in the lives of her young learners.

“The children that live here and come to school here – they are, you can say, constantly traumatised.” She say’s that due to the challenging environment of Lavender Hill, many children come to school distracted and hungry, often only coming to school for the plate of food provided by the school’s feeding scheme. And so the benefits of opening her class to the ECP facilitators are perfectly clear to her.

Ms Hendricks’ class participates in the ECP Yoga and Worm Farming Programmes. She says that over the years, she has noticed how the yoga lessons help to calm down the children who display behavioural issues, as well as teach them good values such as kindness. She notes how after a yoga class, the children are so much more confident, with a well developed self concept. The ECP facilitators inspire her by reminding the children that they are always beautiful and are always loved, and how we create a safe space for our children to express themselves. An additional positive is how our holistic approach to education improves her children’s academics.

We love working with teachers like Ms Hendricks, who are so warm and welcoming and who truly care about the impact that educators have on the minds and lives of young children, especially youth at risk.



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