Recently, our dedicated educators came together for a transformative experience at the Earthchild Project Teacher Training Weekend Workshops. Over two days, the workshops aimed to deepen the understanding of ECP’s holistic approach to education, equip teachers with child-centered learner management skills, and provide practical tools for cultivating a nurturing and engaging classroom environment.

Building community and positive classroom energy

The first day kicked off with a welcoming session where teachers registered and created personalised nametags using art materials. This was followed by a centering yoga warm-up to help participants relax and connect with themselves.

Throughout the day, teachers explored ECP’s definition of holistic education, emphasising connections to others, self, and the environment. They engaged in interactive activities and discussions that cultivated a sense of community and creativity. By the end of the day, they had learned to set up an “ECP Corner” in their classrooms – a safe space for students to manage their emotions – and participated in a dance circle to build group cohesion.

Classroom management and strength-based communication

The second day began with a welcoming check-in, followed by another centering yoga session. Teachers then tackled classroom management challenges, sharing their struggles and learning new strategies to maintain student attention and participation.

The focus shifted to strength-based communication and listening techniques. Teachers participated in activities that highlighted the importance of focusing on students’ strengths and using affirmations and gratitude in the classroom.

The workshop concluded with an integration and practice session, where teachers created and demonstrated engaging activities based on the weekend’s themes. This hands-on practice solidified their new skills and strategies, ensuring that they left the workshop ready to enrich their classrooms with a holistic, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students.

Importantly, these workshops are a way we can uplift and celebrate our teachers, as well as provide them with tools for building trust with their children, and peace for themselves. One teacher beautifully summed up her most valued takeaway, “I learned to look after myself first…if you are at peace within yourself, anyone and everyone who is around you will feel that peace”.

Congratulations to Noks and Abigail, our Area Managers for Khayelitsha and Lavender Hill, and to the ECP team who assisted, for successfully guiding our teachers through this beautiful and valuable experience.