We are thrilled to give you a visual tour of our organic vegetable garden, all made possible thanks to the generous support of donors near and far!

A Thriving Time at Earthchild Project

We’re in the midst of an exciting phase at Earthchild Project. We’re making significant progress with our garden installation at Ntwasahlobo Primary School in Khayelitsha, the largest township in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ben, the Managing Director of Urban Harvest Edible Gardens, along with his dedicated team, have brought their vision to life with the design and installation of a sprawling 280m² garden.

Generosity at Work

This incredible project is fuelled by the generosity of many. It all began in 2023 when we launched a crowdfunding campaign with our partners Earthchild Germany. Through their support, we raised over €30 000.00 (R600 000.00), allowing us to kick off the first phase of this ambitious endeavour. But we’re not stopping here.

Our ultimate goal is to raise €50,000. This amount will cover the full installation costs, sustain operations for three years, and contribute to the meals prepared for over 1,000 children daily. Moreover, it will provide crucial environmental education to the school children.

See the Progress Firsthand

Click on the video below to join in on the excitement and witness the progress of the Ntwasahlobo Primary School Garden. Together, we can make this garden flourish, sowing the seeds of sustainability and education within this community.

Meet the Team

Take a look at the photograph to meet the amazing team behind this project: Bongani James, Hlati Lurwayi, Bonani Poni, and Vuyani Hady. Their dedication continues to drive the construction of the Ntwasahlobo Garden forward.