Zoe is a 10 year old enthusiastic and confident little yogi in our Yoga Extra Mural Club with Claumi in Lavender Hill. With quiet confidence, she shares her yoga journey with Earthchild Project, and what makes yoga special for her.

“Yoga makes me cool when I am angry and yoga makes me calm down.

I really like being with Claumi. She’s always kind to me. The first time I went to yoga I was really nervous and she was the first person to talk to me and tell me I don’t need to be nervous.  

I never knew what was yoga. But when I started I went home to my mommy and said, ‘Ooh I want to learn yoga.’ Sometimes I do yoga at home with my mommy. I’ve been doing it since I was in Grade 3 so I know it now. 

Sometimes when I’m with my friends I always calm down, but sometimes with other children I don’t know – I’m nervous because I don’t know if they will be my friends and I’m really shy. But now I breathe and I know to stay calm. Earthchild Project taught me to do so.

The mountain pose is special for me. I like the mountain pose because it makes me stand straight and then I can balance straighlty. Then I don’t think of anything else, I just think about what I’m doing. It’s like that for life, also.”