Thank you for making this festive season a little brighter! 

Together with Earthchild Project Ambassador Laura Malina Seiler, we raised €8,820 to sponsor Christmas gifts for our Earthchildren. Thank you to everyone who donated!! Our team packaged 500 gifts filled with stationery, toiletries and treats for our children, with the remainder of the funds raised going towards our Yoga and Life-skills Programmes for 2023. These were distributed at our end of year Christmas parties and our children were THRILLED with their treats.

Just €10 sponsored one child’s gift which included the following:

– Toothbrush & toothpaste

– Bar of soap- Pens & a notebook

– Chips & a juice box

Our aim was to include some essentials such as toiletries and stationery, as many of the children come from homes where it is difficult to afford such items.  However, we also wanted to include something sweet and fun.

To Laura Seiler and everyone who donated to this meaningful campaign – Thank you, and Merry Christmas!